Anir's Kids Fashion Show Season II

Anir’s Kids Fashion Show aka AKFS Season II is an online event to unleash the kids world of fashion and passion. This is not a competition but an event with heart. We Thank from the bottom of our heart  to Mrs India world 2020 Navdeep Kaur for being the Face of Event

Anir Kids Fashion Show is lives on Instagram and Facebook. We don’t believe in judging children, hence we call this show an event. AKFS strongly believes that the world of children is magical and pure. Every moment of their day is so adorable and the fact of the childhood is.. 

The seeds which we sow in the childhood grew and flourish throughout the life. Keeping this in mind we designed this event with numerous knowledge and fun sharing sessions like Abacus, Vedic Mathematics, Drawing, Dancing etc. We joined hands with Many professionals to share their knowledge and experience in this sessions. Thus apart from merely competing in a competition kids will learn many new things and in this beautiful journey you may join with them for a better understanding of their own world. And Yes, you can use this event as a tool to assess their natural interest and talents and so that you can better indulge with them


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