What is AKFS / Anir’s Kids Fashion Show ?

Anir’s Kids Fashion Show is an online Event, lives on Instagram and Facebook. It is beyond an interactive Photo Contest online which allows participants / kids to learn useful arts, creative academics sessions and to hands on DIY projects apart from winning Cash Prizes and yet many Awards

What is meant by Sessions ?

Sessions are the core part of the AKFS. Which makes AKFS the best gift to your kids. These are mainly interactive programs designed for kids to introduce many useful arts beyond those regular scholastic educational patterns which means true education.

Apart from gaining basic subject knowledge, Kids can interact with Industry Professionals in particular domains and learn a lot from their experiences
Classical Dance, Kids Yoga, Drawing, Acting, Calligraphy for better Hand writing, Culinary Arts are some of the sessions to mention

DIY projects is another coming attraction in sessions

 How to Register ?

You can register from website  itself or through Whatsapp

Send a Hi in Whatsapp to 9989260026 and our virtual assistant SAMI will take care of your registration

Who is SAMI ?

SAMI is a WhatsApp Virtual Assistant which is available 24/7 to assist participants in registration process

What is the age limit for kids to participate ?

Kids upto 14 years can participate in AKFS

What are the other criteria to participate in AKFS ?

Age is the only Crieria to participate in Anir’s Kids Fashion Show

How will AKFS benefit my Child ?

As we said earlier, AKFS benefits  your child in many ways like building confidence levels, positive attitude, global exposure and the best of them is sessions program which can evaluate your child’s knowledge and enhance thinking abilities